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Registered Apprenticeship Success, New Vacuum Tech Courses, Lecturer Job at NAU

Registered Apprenticeship IEEE Article GlobalFoundries’ Registered Apprenticeship in Malta, NY, creates a vital / valuable pipeline of technicians with hands-on mechanical and electrical skills for the semiconductor industry. This program […]
Student Success Series profile of Vivian Vu from the Photonics certificate program at Stonehill College.

Director’s Message: Student Success Stories with Vivian (Ngoc) Vu

Vivian (Ngoc) Vu is a dedicated student pursuing the Photonics Certificate Program at Stonehill College. Despite challenges, Vivian’s hard work has enhanced her academic knowledge, opening doors to a career […]

Partner Spotlight on Mel Cossette and Greg Kepner

Center Manager Notes — Partner Spotlight: Mel Cossette & Greg Kepner 

Mel Cossette LinkedIn Profile Location: Washington, United States  Greg Kepner LinkedIn Profile Location: Iowa, United States    In this month’s “Spotlight,” we shine a light on two extraordinary individuals whose contributions […]


Director’s Message—Student Success Stories with Anton McFadden

Welcome to our new series, “Student Success Stories,” where we highlight students’ journeys who have made significant strides in their education and careers through community college. Today, we feature Anton […]

Student Conversations Series Cover

Director’s Message—Introducing a New Series on Student Experiences in Community College

We are excited to announce a new series under my Director’s Message section, focused on showcasing the achievements of our students in the fields of micro and nanotechnology. This series […]

Center Manager Notes — Partner Spotlight: Cait Cramer

LinkedIn profile: Engineering Faculty – Highline College Location: Des Moines, Washington, United States Welcome back to our “Center Manager Notes,” where this month’s “Spotlight” shines on Cait Cramer, an essential […]

Student Success at National Nanotechnology Initiative 20th Anniversary Symposium

Celebrating Two Decades of Innovation: Student Achievements Shine at National Nanotechnology Initiative

In a unique convergence of minds and ideas, the 20th Anniversary of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) Symposium showcased the monumental strides in nanotechnology. It spotlighted student involvement with posters […]

A photorealistic image that represents a diverse classroom setting, with icons or imagery reflecting technology, mathematics, and cultural elements. Created by Midjourney AI with the above terms.

Director’s Message—Committing to Meaningful Change in Our DEI Journey

Working within the CHIPS and Science Act space has highlighted a gap in the last year—Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) often feels more like a checkbox for funding than a […]

Internships for High School Students - interns in a classroom setting. Photo by Annie Spratt.

Internships for High School Students

Internships, especially paid ones, are a terrific way to gain experience. Although much of our focus at MNT-EC is on college students, we also strive to update our students and families […]

Partner Spotlight photo of BILT Lead Scot McLemore

Center Manager Notes — Partner Spotlight: Scot McLemore

Center Manager Notes _Partner Spotlight _Scot McLemore

MNT-EC Student Success stories collage

Director’s Message — Celebrating Student Success: Stories

Over the last four years, the Micro Nano Technology Education Center (MNT-EC) and its partners have dedicated themselves to advancing the nanotechnology field through comprehensive educational programs. At its core, […]

Anthony Francis returned to New York for school after spending his childhood on the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia. See how collaborative projects, rich mentoring, and skillful networking helped Anthony secure a job in Mechatronics- a top 10 emergent technology.

Director’s Message — Nano Education: Inspiring the Next Generation

In the United States, vocational training and apprenticeships are often undervalued compared to university education, even though they can lead to high-paying and in-demand careers. This trend is particularly evident […]

Engineering the Future: James Endl’s Journey in Vehicle Network Innovation

Note: MNT-EC recently teamed up with Wingspans, an exciting new career platform, to connect with more community college technician programs. Links and more info below.  James Endl’s career as a […]

ATE's MATEC Networks National Resource Center A technician participating in a MATEC Networks National Resource Center professional development course checks a critical dimension.

Director’s Message — Building Robust Collaboration At Community Colleges

In the rapidly evolving field of nanotechnology, the concept of ‘collaborative innovation’ becomes increasingly significant. The National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program from the American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition stands as a […]

MNT-CURN Chemistry Pasadena City College Alum Tan Nguyen Wins SACNAS Award with Research on Gold Nanoparticles

MNT-EC Student Wins Award at SACNAS

As a MNT-EC student, Nguyen’s award-winning presentation delved into the intricate world of gold conjugate nanoparticles, showcasing the innovative strides being made in the field. View some photos of the […]

Matt Feyerheisen Wingspans profile article

The Nanoscale World of Matt Feyerheisen and the Power of SEM Technology

Note: MNT-EC recently teamed up with Wingspans, an exciting new career platform, to connect with more community college technician programs. Links and more info below.  Embark on a microscopic journey […]

Screenshot of YouTube podcast with Dr. Matthias Pleil at MNT-EC

Inspiring students with nanotechnology

One of our partners, Dr. Matthias W. Pleil, Principal Investigator – SCME, Research Professor and Lecturer, University of New Mexico was recently interviewed for the National Nanotechnology Initiative podcast.  Listen […]

Image of Students working to learn about nanotechnology

Unleashing the Potential of Community Colleges: A Collaborative Path Forward

>>Article by Dr. Jared Ashcroft<< Update: ASEE TV video at end with Dr. Ashcroft and students exploring fields of micro, nano, and science. We find ourselves at a unique crossroads […]

YouTube Intel Making of a Chip Video

The Making of an Intel Chip

Check out this captivating virtual journey deep into Intel’s cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing facilities, where the technological engines driving our digital world are brought to life. In this immersive experience, you […]

MNT-EC Evaluators Recognized Nationally

MNT-EC Evaluators Recognized Nationally

The Micro Nano Technology Education Center (MNT-EC) recently celebrated a significant achievement, with three of its evaluators being recognized nationally for their exceptional work. Terryll Bailey, Dr. Jalil Bishop, and […]

Male Microsystems Process Technician working at a computer station

Semiconductor Jobs – Knowledge Skills and Abilities

What Are KSAs and Why Are They Important for Your Future Career? As you start exploring different career paths and preparing for your future, you may come across the term […]

NSF Gold Nanoparticle Research

2023 Barry Goldwater Scholarship Awarded to Two Micro Nano Technology Collaborative Undergraduate Research Network (MNT-CURN) Students 

The Goldwater Scholarship is one of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships awarded to students who excel in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering. This year, two MNT-CURN students […]

Part of the cowling for one of the motors for a B-25 bomber is assembled in the engine department of North American [Aviation, Inc.]'s Inglewood, Calif., plant digital file from original transparency. Palmer, Alfred T., photographer. Created / Published 1942 October. In honor of Women's History Month.

Women’s History Month

Women have changed the world and continue to do so. Some of you may think it was only men who did so, but that would be both inaccurate, and quite […]


New Free Ebook on Vacuum Technology

Vacuum systems are essential to various industries, and technicians who can maintain, troubleshoot, and repair them are highly valued. Excellent resources to help them learn and prepare for working with […]

14-yr. old striker, Fola La Follette, and Rose Livingston. Glass negative from the George Grantham Bain Collection, 1913. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division. Photograph shows suffrage and labor activist Flora Dodge "Fola" La Follette (1882-1970), social reformer and missionary Rose Livingston, and a young striker during a garment strike in New York City in 1913.

Invite a Female Nanoscientist or Engineer into your Classroom for Women’s History Month 2023

We will be updating this page with more resources, but for now, click this form to sign up for this wonderful opportunity from the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office. Below is […]

1968 Poor Peoples March at Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, [Washington, D.C.]

Celebrating Two Special History Months in Micro- Nanotechnology

We want to acknowledge the significant impact of Black and Women scientists and leaders on the world and on American culture as we celebrate Black History Month and Women’s History […]

Random Small – Sharks and More Sharks

Welcome to Random Small, our collection of stuff that is happening each month at the Micro Nano Education Technology Center – MNT-EC. Yes, there is a bit of a theme […]

Random Small _2023 Year Ahead

Thanks to those of you who have supported and lifted up the MNT-EC site and this news section, for sharing on social media and telling your peers about us. Lots […]

nanotechnology images quantum transducer device under microscope from Kavli Nanoscience at Caltech

Nanotechnology Images from Kavli Nanoscience Institute at Caltech

Just shared this on our Micro Nanotechnology (MNT-EC) LinkedIn page and thought you might appreciate seeing the full sized gallery. …

Kristine Davis, a spacesuit engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, wearing a ground prototype of NASA’s new Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU), is seen during a demonstration of the suit, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019 at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The xEMU suit improves on the suits previous worn on the Moon during the Apollo era and those currently in use for spacewalks outside the International Space Station and will be worn by first woman and next man as they explore the Moon as part of the agency’s Artemis program. Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)

Random Small _NASA Astronaut Tech, Scholarships, Vacuum Workshop

Thanks for reading our monthly email update, if that’s how you found this post. If you found us by digging into our website and the Think Small news and blog […]

Temple Grandin Podcast -How Did You Think Of That- Interviews Jared Ashcroft

Heading into the weekend which for some is going to turn into vacation for the holiday week — here is a great podcast for you in those quiet days pre-post […]

screenshot of video that is within the post: Nanotechnology YouTube Video from ASEE

ASEE Videos on Future for Micro and Nanotechnology Technicians

The Micro Nanotechnology Education Center at Pasadena City College was highlighted within the official broadcast at this year’s American Association for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference. The video was presented […]

MNT-EC Partners with National Registered Apprenticeship Program

National Institute for Innovation and Technology and the Micro Nanotechnology Education Center partner for apprenticeships.

3d printed models with complex geometry, post processing

Random Small

November 1, 2022 Update: #1: The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2023 conference will be held April 13-15, 2023 on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus in Eau Claire, […]

MNT-EC Mad Scientist at NCAT Experience STEAM 2022

Experience STEAM Event a Huge Success

In early August, MNT-EC was a proud sponsor and supporter of the Experience STEAM event at the Mall of America. It is a powerful testimony of what happens when NSF […]

Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center Inspires Students

Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center Inspires Students

As water and ice destroyed the ship’s hull, the crew of the famed HMS Endurance, abandoned the ship and began their 25-day journey back to civilization under Sir Ernest Shackleton’s […]

Mall of America Event in August 2022 - STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

NCAT Organizes Mall of America ‘Experience STEAM’ Event

The National Center for Autonomous Technologies (NCAT) funded through the NSF Advanced Technological Education (NSF ATE) program is leading out this summer organizing a major STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, […]

Corrosion on old car _featured image

Pasadena City College Student Janet Teng Awarded Barry Goldwater Scholarship

Janet Teng, Pasadena City College Student, is one of 417 college students from across the United States to be selected for prestigious Barry Goldwater scholarship. 

NEATEC NIST Caltech Internship Opportunities

Summer Internship Season is Kicking Off for 2022

UPDATE: Fall 2022 Internship for NEATEC-NIST PDF below: — Two Summer Internship Opportunities are in this post — NEATEC and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) offer a […]

MNT-EC Newsletter logo

MNT-EC Outreach Bulletin, February 2022

Dear Technician Education Community, The Micro Nano Technology Education Center is a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education National Center that aims to increase opportunities for community college students to […]

Pasadena City College students Kirk Dolar, Richard Luu, Sophia Ibargüen, and Kit Cheung won the 2021 Community College Innovation Challenge (CCIC)

Dr. Jared Ashcroft Recognized for Commitment and Passion for Student Success

If one thing captures Dr. Jared Ashcroft, it is this quote from him in a recent ATE Impacts article: “If I see an opportunity that looks like I can impact […]

Leidenfrost Effect _Emory University, Burton Lab

Roundup of Micro Nano Trends, News, and Updates from MNT-EC

“If our small minds, for some convenience, divide this universe into parts—physics, biology, geology, astronomy, psychology, and so on—remember that nature does not know it!“  —Richard Feynman  (Shout out to […]

Book Cover: Deb-Newberry-Nanotechnology-Lessons-From-Nature

Nanotechnology: Lessons from Nature – Discoveries, Research, and Applications

The world around us provides enormous opportunities for understanding science. Arguably, it has been one of humankind’s greatest inspirations for many, if not most, inventions, art, and other creations. Nature offers […]

Twitter logo on smartphone next to cup of espresso

Top Nanotechnology Experts and Organizations on Twitter

Social media is a great way to keep up with the news. Well, mostly. Sometimes it can be a distraction, too. To make platforms like Twitter pay off, we are […]

Rio Salado College Think Nano Certificate Scholarship 2022

Scholarships Available For Arizona Students Interested In Nanotechnology Careers

Rick Vaughn at Rio Salado College is encouraging Arizona residents to think small. Small as in nanotechnology size small. Smaller than you can see with the naked eye. Thanks to […]

MNT-EC Outreach Bulletin, November 2021

Dear Technician Education Community, The Micro Nano Technology Education Center is a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education National Center that aims to increase opportunities for community college students to […]

Micro Nano Technology YouTube Channel

Micro- NanoTechnology YouTube Channel Is Calling

Whether you are a student, the parent of one, an educator, or an interested citizen scientist, the Micro Nano Technology Education Center (MNT-EC) YouTube channel is a place where you […]

A Resource Guide to Help you find a nanotechnology job

Nanotechnology Jobs – A Resource Guide

Nanotechnology is a fast-moving field revolutionizing major areas such as medicine, engineering, food science (agriculture and consumer products), aerospace, defense, materials science, and energy, to name just a few. The […]

Hedgehog Crew Nano NNCI Photo Contest 2021

Vote On Your Favorite Nanotechnology Photo

Did you know there is a National Nanotechnology Day? On Saturday, October 9th, the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI), celebrates National Nanotechnology Day. The 16-member network in locations around the […]

Janet Teng PNNL Ignite Off 2021 Competition Winner

STEM Competitions And Internships Encourage Deeper Learning For Students

If you have wondered how today’s youth, in the USA and around the world, are learning and growing despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, take a look at the many STEM events, […]

Peer Reviewed Science Tech Journal Community College

New Community College Journal Writing Workshop Starting September 14

With a focus on community college faculty, in particular, technician educators, the new Journal of Advanced Technological Education team is offering an intensive 3-day workshop starting September 14.  The Journal […]

HITEC Event Keynote: Stanley Black Decker CTO Mark Maybury

HI-TEC Event Opens New Opportunities For Educators In Advanced Tech Education

Supported by the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (NSF ATE) program, the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) is a national conference on advanced technological education where secondary and […]

VR Simulation Nanotechnology

Virtual Reality Simulations Improve Advanced Nanotechnology Education

The Center for Aviation and Automotive Technological Education Using Virtual E-Schools (CA2VES) recently announced that Dr. Paul Weber, Utah Valley University, received the 2021 Coordination Network Innovation Award. Dr. Weber […]

NanoBio mAB student project to explore how nanotechnology could combat cancer cells. Pasadena City College

Pasadena City College Team Places First in National Community College Innovation Challenge

Led by AACC and NSF, the competition seeks to create STEM solutions to real-world challenges that benefit society Pasadena City College placed first out of the 12 finalist teams that […]

PCC Undergraduate Researcher Project

Undergraduate Researchers Share Tools To Help Students Understand Statistics

Statistic analysis is not always easy to understand, especially studying it remotely in the midst of a pandemic. Five undergraduate students at Pasadena City College designed and implemented a program […]

Talking Technicians podcast

Technical Degree Jobs – Learn From Real Technicians On The Talking Technicians Podcast

Technical degrees often lead to better paying jobs. “Will this help me get a good job?” is often one of the first questions a student has about a technical degree […]

Science Village SV6 at PCC

Pasadena City College Builds National Approach To Micro Nano Technology Education

In 2020, Pasadena City College (PCC) received a $7.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation ​Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program to develop new approaches to teaching students about micro […]

Welcome to the MNT-EC

Dear Technician Education Community, The Micro Nano Technology Education Center is a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education National Center that aims to increase opportunities for community college students to […]

Photonics Image by Sigmund on Unsplash

Photonics Education Seeing Career Growth For Graduates

As part of the Micro Nano Technology Education Center Summer Seminar Series, Greg Kepner and Frank Reed presented on the photonics field and job opportunities in this exciting career path.  […]

Mentor-Connect Guides Faculty Toward Successful Submission of NSF ATE Proposals

Leading Fortune 500 companies have improved employee retention by as much as 75 percent through mentoring initiatives. A recent MentorcliQ (a mentoring software company) study found that becoming more involved […]


What Is Nanotechnology?

A Quick Definition of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Nanos is the Greek term for Dwarf. Walt Disney could have given the nanotechnology industry a kickstart back in 1937 if he only […]

Texas Undergraduate Students Gain Advanced Biomedical Research Experience

Most people have heard of the Hubble Space Telescope. Now flip that idea and direct it at the atomic level. In a new National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, principal investigator, […]