Micro- NanoTechnology YouTube Channel Is Calling

Whether you are a student, the parent of one, an educator, or an interested citizen scientist, the Micro Nano Technology Education Center (MNT-EC) YouTube channel is a place where you can learn more about microtechnology, nanotechnology, photonics, military veteran programs, and even what NASA is doing in its education and outreach efforts. 

Although the channel only started recently, it is growing and sharing nanotechnology student success stories, exploring life in the field for working technicians (called the Talking Technicians podcast, but also available to listen to on YouTube), and providing archive access to professional development courses and workshops for educators done by the MNT team and partners (some of them are embedded here). 

Active Duty service members Working with Transition Assistance Programs with Kate Alcott:

Future post coming on U.S. Military and Veteran certificate and degree program efforts leading to great jobs in Nanotechnology and Microtechnology across the country. 

  • Nano Health and Safety Workshop
  • MNT-EC and Mentor-Connect
  • Kendrick Davis – State of STEM education
  • Neda Habibi – Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Technology
  • Bob Ehrman & Ozgar Cakmak – Penn State CNEU – It’s NACK plus more
  • Peter Kazarinoff – MNT-EC Podcast and Journal
  • Kate Alcott – Active Duty service members Working with Transition Assistance Programs.
  • Rick Vaughn – Distance Education
  • Greg Kepner and Frank Reed – Photonics Professional Development Opportunities

State of STEM Education with Kendrick Davis:

The MNT-EC YouTube channel is striving to provide as many resources to students and parents as they explore the micro- and nanotechnology field. Parents might find the two videos listed on the Micro Nano Technology Parent page to be informative. Scroll down for these two:

–X/Nano: The Enabling Potential of a Career in Nanoscience

–Careers in Nanotechnology: Opportunities for STEM Students

If a student is already involved in a degree program or looking for scholarships, check out the Scholarships page. Or explore work opportunities as an undergraduate researcher and look at the Micro Nano Technology Collaborative Undergraduate Research Network page. Shoutout to the Pasadena City College students who presented their research project at the national level last Spring: NCUR 2021 Enhancing Student Participation and Understanding of Statistical Analysis Remotely. Or you can watch their presentation video below:

If you are interested in a Nanotechnology or Microtechnology degree and the many inter-related fields where a degree or certificate can open doors, keep visiting MNT-EC pages here and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Come grow and learn with us as we continue to build and expand our content.