Need some help with ATE proposal mentoring?

MNT-EC has created and implemented an innovative Co-mentoring model for Institutions New to ATE. Collaborating with Mentor-Connect, MNT-EC Mentors help guide prospective grantees by sharing successful proposal-development strategies and resources with a goal of developing the next generation of Principal Investigators for the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program. MNT-EC Mentors will provide feedback on grant proposals, review NSF ATE requirements, and communicate with mentees periodically throughout the grant writing process.

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MNT-EC partners with Mentor-Connect for Co-mentoring New to ATE grant proposals.  Please click on APPLICATION to be directed to the Mentor-Connect website.

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Be a MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellow

The MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows internship program is an opportunity by MNT-EC in partnership with Mentor-Connect. The MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows initiative will prepare interested co-mentors to assist Institutions New-to-ATE college faculty learn how to develop competitive ATE grant proposals and grow as leaders. The MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows internship facilitates the involvement of the ATE Community, promotes an infusion of new ideas, and engages new talent in this important work. Those selected as MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows will have experience working within the NSF ATE community of centers and projects along with expertise in the subject matter of micro and nanotechnology and related disciplines.