MNT-EC provides mentoring support for mentee institutions while they are developing an Advanced Technological Education (ATE) project proposal for submission to the National Science Foundation. Mentee teams benefit from technical discipline expertise from MNT-EC along with grant proposal preparation and submission guidance and feedback and implementation support if awarded.

Application Deadline

Submit your application any time after January 1 and no later than April 15 prior to the next NSF ATE proposal deadline for which you plan to submit a proposal.


You will be notified of selection within 2 weeks of receipt of your application. Only one application per college may be submitted for any year. 

Applications are assessed using a formal rubric. The rubric includes factors such as alignment of the project idea with the goals of the ATE Program and STEM technician workforce preparation, relevant faculty experience, demonstrated industry need to be addressed by the project, diversity, and overall support of the college and interest of faculty applicants in the mentoring opportunity and ATE funding.

MNT-EC Project Proposal Mentee Application