Internships for High School Students

Internships, especially paid ones, are a terrific way to gain experience. Although much of our focus at MNT-EC is on college students, we also strive to update our students and families about internships for high school students.  NOTE: See link below for the MNT-EC college–specific internships and more.

Summer Internships and Beyond

Deadlines for national-level internships, open to graduating high school seniors across the USA, are rapidly approaching, with some applications due as early as March (like this week!). While most deadlines are later in the spring, it’s crucial to review each opportunity carefully this week, as eligibility varies from nationwide to state or region-specific programs. Remember, even if an internship is location-specific, guidelines may allow applicants from other states, so examine the requirements closely.

Here are a few great internship opportunities for high school students:

  • During the 4-week High School Discovery Program at Microsoft, Discoverers will experience the Design phase of product development, gain foundational skills, mentorship, and community building. Open to rising first-year bachelor’s degree students (graduating high school seniors) living near Redmond, WA, or Atlanta, GA, it’s an opportunity to explore tech careers. Applications open in Redmond on March 5, 2024, and in Atlanta on March 19, 2024.
  • The Kaiser Permanente Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) offers high school and college students, especially those underserved, underrepresented, and low-income, internship opportunities in the healthcare field through the Community Benefit fund. Interns work in various departments over the summer at KP, learning and contributing to their mission of delivering high-quality, affordable healthcare. The program includes a High School Internship among its three unique offerings. Deadlines vary slightly by location, but roughly mid-March. 

We will update this page with additional high school-focused internship opportunities as we find them or our partners send them to us. Again, for college-oriented internships and scholarships, the March 4, 2024 edition of This Week in Small has more links and details about the MNT-EC Internship Connector: 03-04-2024 Nano News, Internships, Veteran Jobs.

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Shout-out to one of our high school educator allies, New Jersey Teacher of the Year, Christine Girtain, for always sharing cool updates, news (the AEOP for High School Internships page came from her!), and projects for high school students. Christine is also the Director of Authentic Science Research at Toms River Regional Schools.