Center Manager Notes — Partner Spotlight: Scot McLemore

LinkedIn profile: Executive in Residence – Advanced Manufacturing Pathways, Columbus State Community College

Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States

Scot McLemore, MNT-EC BILT team lead

Center Manager Notes: Partner Spotlight: Scot McLemore

As part of my new monthly “Center Manager Notes” column, I want to lift up our team members  in what I’m calling “Spotlight.” We have a number of people who are often working behind the scenes and we want to bring them forward and introduce them to you.

Kicking off this series is Scot McLemore, BILT and Industry team lead here at MNT-EC. I asked him a few questions last week about his background, what he sees happening in nano based on his manufacturing experience, guiding young people, and what he loves about his work.

Background and Work

I am deeply passionate about advancing the field of manufacturing through education and strategic partnerships. With over 32 years of experience in manufacturing, spanning engineering and human resource functions, my focus has always been on technical development and talent acquisition. At Columbus State Community College, I am involved in developing pathways and programs for Advanced Manufacturing, aiming to bridge the gap between educational institutions and industry needs.

My previous roles at Honda have shaped my perspective on workforce development. I’ve led teams in talent acquisition, technical workforce development, and external workforce engagement. My strategy revolves around forming effective collaborations with educational, government, and industry partners to enhance awareness and development of manufacturing careers.

Trends in Nanotechnology and Related Technology

In the realm of advanced manufacturing, the integration of nanotechnology and its related fields is a game changer. The precision and innovation that nanotechnology brings to manufacturing processes are unparalleled. It’s not just about making things smaller; it’s about making them smarter and more efficient. This technology’s influence spans various sectors, including automotive, where I’ve spent a significant part of my career. The future of manufacturing is being reshaped by nanotechnology, leading to more sustainable, efficient, and advanced production methods.

Advice for Young People Going to College

My advice to young individuals heading to college is to remain open and curious about the ever-evolving field of manufacturing, especially with the integration of advanced technologies like nanotechnology. The industry is moving towards a future where technical skills are fused with innovative thinking. Embrace the changes and look for educational pathways that offer practical, hands-on experience in conjunction with theoretical knowledge.

What I Love Best About My Work

In working with MNT-EC, what I love the most is expanding my professional network through working with intelligent and experienced experts in micro- and nanotechnology and learning about a new exciting area of technology that builds on my previous experience and knowledge.

Want to talk more about Nano? Get in touch with me. Are you in industry and want to get involved, reach out to myself or Scot McLemore.