New Free Ebook on Vacuum Technology

Vacuum systems are essential to various industries, and technicians who can maintain, troubleshoot, and repair them are highly valued. Excellent resources to help them learn and prepare for working with vacuum systems are hard to find. A team of three authors, with a savvy proposal, kept one of these resources alive.

The original author David Hata, Dr. Elena Brewer from Erie Community College (Williamsville, NY), and Nancy Louwagie from Normandale Community College (Bloomington, MN) submitted a proposal to the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF-ATE) program in consideration of a project which would convert Hata’s textbook to an e-book version.

Click the title to read the new, free E-book, Introduction to Vacuum Technology, from authors: David M. Hata; Elena V. Brewer; and Nancy J. Louwagie.

David Hata’s textbook, Introduction to Vacuum Technology, was first published in 2008, but discontinued in 2019. Without the work of these three, this textbook would be forever out of print. 

Figure_3_9 _Vacuum Technology Ebook _Photo by Dr. Elena Brewer, SUNY Erie Community College

The textbook is suitable for community college-level technician courses. It covers rough and high vacuum systems, leak detection, and residual gas analysis, and includes laboratory exercises. In addition to the exercises, there are plenty of helpful photos and short quizzes at the end of each chapter. The authors focused on the needs of technicians in a production environment and is the result of years of teaching and learning with community college students.

Introduction to Vacuum Technology Chapter Quiz Example

NOTE: You can also read about the upcoming (March 13, 2023) VACT 1010 “Foundations of Vacuum Technology” course at Normandale Community College at this MNT-EC page.