Women’s History Month

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Women have changed the world and continue to do so.

Some of you may think it was only men who did so, but that would be both inaccurate, and quite limited (one might also say foolish).

When we posted to honor Black History Month (with a bunch of great resources and links), we included a special mention about a Women’s History Month opportunity from the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) – Invite a Scientist to Class. If you are a technician or scientist working in the micro or nano fields, please get in touch with NNCO for future chances to share your passion and expertise with young people. We discovered that we needed a new dedicated post to share all the resources.

In honor of Women’s History Month, here is a big list of resources that can help you plan a lesson or activity that will open up the minds and hearts of your students. Not all of these resources are science or STEM-focused, but every resource here showcases how women continue to impact our lives in all ways.

Women in Science and Technology  |  Classroom Materials at the Library of Congress  |  Library of Congress

The Library of Congress, as one would expect, is packed with resources and lesson plans and so much more for educators at all levels. Here is a direct link to some of the lesson plans: Lesson Plans for Women in Science from the Library of Congress. Plus, here’s another one that’s worth perusing: Women in Science and Technology: A Resource Guide.

Mildred Dresselhaus Prize in Nanoscience or Nanomaterials

Mildred Dresselhaus is known as the “Queen of Carbon Science.” She made pioneering contributions to the study of carbon materials, including carbon nanotubes. She was the first woman to receive the National Medal of Science in Engineering, and was awarded the Kavli Prize in Nanoscience in 2012.

Unladylike2020 | NEH-Edsitement

This National Endowment for the Humanities series called Unladylike is powerful and profound. Their site, EDSITEment has specific science-oriented ones, but the entire 26 part series of animated documentary shorts about UNLADYLIKE2020’s trailblazing heroines is spectacular. They have a dedicated page here where you can scroll through to see each profile, briefly summarized. You can also  watch it here on the American Masters YouTube channel (it has 31 videos).


This organization works to advance women in engineering fields, including nanotechnology. 

Association for Women in Science – AWIS

Provides resources and support for women in science, including nanotechnology, including career development resources, networking opportunities, and information on issues facing women in STEM.

National Girls Collaborative Project

National Girls Collaborative Project: This project is dedicated to increasing the participation of girls in STEM fields, including nanotechnology. Its website provides resources and information for educators and parents, as well as a directory of programs and organizations dedicated to supporting girls in STEM. 

WITI – Women in Technology International

Women in Technology International: This organization provides resources and support for women in technology fields, including nanotechnology. Its website features articles, webinars, and events related to career development and networking opportunities. 

UN Women – Headquarters

UN Women: This website is the official website of the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. It offers news, resources, and information related to women’s rights and gender equality around the world.

ACS Women Chemists Committee

The Committee serves as a forum for women in chemistry and related professions, and works to increase and improve participation of women in the chemical sciences.

Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum

Smithsonian American Women’s History Initiative: This initiative aims to “amplify women’s voices, reach new audiences, and empower future generations” through research, exhibitions, and educational programs. The website features online exhibitions, collections, and resources related to women’s history.

Women in STEM! More than 60 Scientists and Engineers for Women’s History Month | Science Buddies Blog

This website offers a variety of science resources and project ideas, including several related to nanotechnology.

National Nanotechnology Initiative

This government agency provides a wealth of information and resources on nanotechnology, including an education and outreach section with lesson plans and educational resources for K-12 and undergraduate students. 

National Museum of Women in the Arts

This museum features the works of female artists from around the world and offers virtual exhibits, educational resources, and virtual events.

Women’s History Month

This site provides resources and information on women’s history, including biographies, videos, and interactive activities. This page offers lesson plans for teachers.

35 Groundbreaking Women From History You Should Know — from Bustle

National Women’s History Alliance

This organization provides a wealth of information and resources on women’s history, including lesson plans, biographies, and historical essays.

Girls Who Code

Offers coding programs for girls and provides resources and support for educators interested in teaching coding to girls.

What Girl Scouts Do

The well-known group has a wide range of educational programs and resources on leadership, entrepreneurship, and STEM fields for girls.

National Women’s Studies Association

Resources and support for women’s studies educators and advocates for the advancement of women’s studies in higher education.

National Women’s History Museum

This museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of women in the United States and provides a wealth of online resources and exhibits.