The file linked (first item, in below left column: How to Register) provides the steps for an individual to get registered into Normandale’s VACT 1010 “Foundations of Vacuum Science” class.

This section of VACT 1010 will start the week of March 13th and run for 8-weeks (ends mid-May).  Anyone who registers to take this class and takes the class for a grade will have the tuition and fees waived.  The only out-of-pocket charge for this course is for the course workbook (~$35).  Individuals are also welcome to audit the course.  The cost to audit the course is ~$450 + $35 for the course workbook (if they want that).

This course is intended for individuals who have little to no previous background in chemistry or who may feel their math skills may not be at college level. Math concepts focus on scientific notation, significant figures, unit conversion, solving gas laws, and graphing data.

If you have any technical registration challenges within the Minnesota State registration site for this VACT 1010 class, contact Kim ( and express your intent to register.

You may also want to check out this free E-book, Introduction to Vacuum Technology, from authors: David M. Hata; Elena V. Brewer; and Nancy J. Louwagie.

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