Engineering the Future: James Endl’s Journey in Vehicle Network Innovation

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James Endl’s career as a Vehicle Network Communications Architect at GM is a testament mostly to his perseverance. Working remotely from Indian Land, SC, he combines his childhood love for cars with his expertise in electrical and electronics engineering, a skillset honed through studies at Madison Area Technical College and Milwaukee School of Engineering.

He designs the diagnostic gateway of vehicles, a digital “door” allowing communication between a car’s internal system and the external world. This gateway, residing in the Central Gateway Module (CGM), is akin to a home’s internet router, managing data flow between different vehicle components. He goes into more detail in the full post, which makes the CGM accessible to almost any level of reader (way to go, James — you should teach!). 

Despite his successful career now, James’ journey wasn’t straightforward. He initially struggled with choosing the right path, facing setbacks at MSOE. His turnaround began at Madison Area Technical College, where practical, applied learning in electrical engineering technology ignited his passion. Overcoming fears and challenges, he eventually returned to MSOE, achieving academic success and paving his way to a fulfilling career.

James Endl’s story is inspiring, showcasing how determination, passion, and a constant thirst for knowledge can lead to a successful and fulfilling career in the ever-evolving field of vehicle network communications.

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