New Community College Journal Writing Workshop Starting September 14

With a focus on community college faculty, in particular, technician educators, the new Journal of Advanced Technological Education team is offering an intensive 3-day workshop starting September 14. 

The Journal of Advanced Technological Education serves as a means of communication and provides a platform for people interested in teaching advanced technologies. This includes 2-year college faculty, STEM educators in grades 6-12, graduate school faculty, as well as scientists and industry professionals.

The workshop goal is to prepare community college faculty and ATE project and center staff to submit papers to peer-reviewed journals. This online workshop is led by Peter Kazarinoff, MNT-EC co-PI and faculty at Portland Community College. 

The workshop will cover how peer-reviewed journals work, as well as how to write, submit, review, edit and publish in peer-reviewed journals to advance in your career. Workshop participants will learn how to craft technical papers for peer reviewed journals to help disseminate their work. Stipends available for qualified faculty.

Starting on Tues, Sept 14, 15, 16 at 10am-12 noon PST on Zoom. Register here. There are a total of 16 stipends available, preference will be given to community college instructors if more than 16 participants request stipends. You can also contact Janet Pinhorn directly at janet.pinhorn (insert the @ symbol here)

Interested faculty can also learn more via the Journal of Advanced Technological Education page on the MNT-EC website with a detailed Guide for Authors and for submission templates.