Director’s Message—Introducing a New Series on Student Experiences in Community College

We are excited to announce a new series under my Director’s Message section, focused on showcasing the achievements of our students in the fields of micro and nanotechnology. This series aims to foster a closer connection between students and our institution and, more importantly, to the broader community.

Sample cover for Student Success series by Jared Ashcroft

Here are three titles we’re considering, but please email me with suggestions and ideas. 

  • Student Conversations: Exploring Micro and Nanotechnology Successes
  • Student Voices: In-Depth Conversations on Micro and Nanotechnology
  • Voices of the Future: Conversations with Students in Micro and Nanotechnology

Mission: Highlighting Student Experiences

Our mission is simple: to highlight the unique and inspiring experiences of students at our community colleges within the MNT-EC network of schools. Students are the heart of our mission, and their stories can inspire others and provide valuable feedback to our institutions and programs.

Starting this summer, we will feature conversations between myself and various students. This pilot initiative will run throughout the summer and could continue as a regular feature if successful. We believe that student voices are crucial in shaping our community and educational practices, and we want to provide a platform for them to express themselves. Of course, part of our hope is these conversations also will help inspire new students to consider nano as a career. 

Student Testimonials

In this series, you’ll hear directly from students about their journeys. We’ll include quotes and short stories from those who have already shared their experiences with me, giving you a taste of what to expect. These testimonials will highlight the most rewarding aspects of their time here, memorable experiences, and the support they’ve received from faculty and staff.

We hope to engage existing students to participate in this initiative. Students can share their stories through a detailed process we’re setting up, whether it’s through a form, email, or a phone/Zoom call. Participating in this series will not only allow students to share their experiences but also connect with a larger community and inspire their peers.

To make these stories more vibrant and relatable, we plan to add photos of students engaged in various campus activities and, if possible, short video clips. Visuals will help bring their stories to life and make the blog posts more engaging. 

We invite our readers to engage with this initiative by emailing me or sharing their own experiences on various social media platforms in response to our posts. Additionally, we might include interactive elements like polls or surveys to gauge reader interest in different types of student stories. Based on insights from our annual review and analytics work, we know that highlighting peers and professors significantly drives interaction on social media and the blog.

Closing Thoughts

Each blog post will conclude with thoughts from me, or MNT-EC Team members, emphasizing the importance of the student community to our institution’s mission. We believe that showcasing these experiences will highlight what’s possible at a community college and demonstrate that student experiences are central to our mission.

We are eager to launch this series and share the inspiring stories of our students. Stay tuned for the first conversation coming soon!