Letter from the Editor

Peter D. Kazarinoff
Department of Computing and Engineering, Portland Community College, Portland, OR

Keywords: J ATE, technician education, undergraduate research

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Community and Technical College Education Community,

I’m pleased to present the Journal of Advanced Technological Education (J ATE), Volume 3 Issue 1, on behalf of the J ATE editorial board and staff. The theme for this issue features the great work and research of our community college faculty.

This year, J ATE produced a professional development project called J ATE Connect, funded through a special project grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Teams, consisting of a coach and participant writers, crafted manuscripts to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. J ATE Connect culminated with an in-person meeting in New Orleans in January 2024. This event welcomed writers, coaches, and additional mentors who met in person with J ATE editors and staff to discuss and advise authors on moving their manuscripts forward through the publication process. We are excited to share that 11 of the 11 writing groups submitted manuscripts by J ATE’s January 31, 2024 deadline. J ATE Connect was a huge success, and kudos go out to all the writers, coaches, and, in particular, Karen Leung, who led the program. We hope you enjoy reading the exciting research and information shared by our J ATE Connect authors.

We are all very proud of the growth and development of J ATE over the past three years. Our first issue, Vol 1, Issue 1, contained only five articles, while Vol 3, Issue 1, features 17 articles. We feel that this clearly demonstrates J ATE’s commitment to developing a network of community college faculty authors, reviewers, and editors as well as undergraduate authors and J ATE staff members.. We are passionate about sharing your hard work and research with all stakeholders. Acknowledging this evolution and the need to serve our community effectively and efficiently, J ATE has transitioned to the new review platform, Scholastica. Through growth and change, J ATE is dedicated to being your peer-reviewed academic journal focused on technician education at community and technical colleges. As we continue to grow, we are committed to being a journal that does not charge authors to submit articles and it is open-access to readers.

In other news, J ATE is embarking on an ambitious sustainability plan this year. We will become a business entity and be entirely supported financially by our community. This is an exciting time! J ATE’s sustainability plan includes soliciting and incorporating advertisements from your colleges, programs, and projects into our future volumes. You will find our first advertisement in this issue. Make sure you check it out.

Please help us to continue moving forward and becoming even more relevant to our community by reading J ATE, submitting your manuscript, and serving as a co-author or reviewer. J ATE is your journal serving our community.

In teaching and learning,