Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) model based on work originating from the Convergence Technology Center of Excellence at Collin College. A BILT consists of executives and technicians, from large corporations, small companies, and government laboratories. The BILT will allow industry representatives to shape the future of MNT technical training and secure access to the pipeline of highly skilled technicians from community colleges across the country. It will also connect industry directly with educators who are working in MNT technician education.

Participation on the BILT, will require commitment to attending quarterly virtual meetings; this would entail approximately 8 hours annually. The BILT will be responsible for advocating for the industry needs that will elevate the effectiveness and sustainability of MNT education programs and will work hand-in-hand with members of the MNT-EC to build the vision for the future of MNT education together.

BILT Team Members

  • Cait Cramer – Co-Lead
  • Matt Pleil – Co-Lead
  • Janet Pinhorn – Organizational Support
  • Todd Christenson – BILT member
  • Mike Russo – BILT member
  • Aaron Santos – BILT member
  • Ann Beheler — BILT Member
  • Andy Oliver – BILT member
  • Alan Rawle – BILT member
  • Amy Brunner – BILT member
  • Clay Nagel – BILT member

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