This Week In Small: Understanding Micro and Nanotechnology

Of course, our readers and visitors probably already have a good grasp of micro and nanotechnology. But that does not mean everyone does. We write to inform and educate and inspire. That said, are you doing any of that sort of thing? We would love to hear from you (cannot promise we can use everything that gets sent to us, but we’ll try). You can reply to the email update that brought you here or click the link at end of post for LinkedIn.

In addition to our MNT-EC Events Calendar, you may want to check out our amazing partners. Here are three:

  • Meetings and Events page: Industry, academic, and government experts, alongside the public, participate in meetings and workshops to explore nanotechnology research progress, uncover gaps, and spot emerging trends. The meetings and events list covers NNI-sponsored and -affiliated workshops, as well as external workshops.
  • nanoHUB Events 2023: nanoHUB hosts a variety of events and resources related to nanotechnology. You will find upcoming activities such as a vacuum science course, a webinar on building nanoscale structures with polymer modeling, and nanotech and nanomaterials research conferences. 

As usual, if you are curious about this issue’s cover image, you can learn more about it here: is a meme-making platform that uses AI to allow you to simply type a sentence and let AI automatically choose the template and write a caption.

Love AI or hate it, it is likely not going away.

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