NSF, with support from Micro Nano Technology Education Center, will host a convening of K-12, government, higher education, non-profit, philanthropic, and industry constituents to attend a Semiconductor Education and Workforce Convening on November 13, 2023 in Washington, DC.

November 13, 2023

UC Washington Center
1608 Rhode Island Ave NW
Washington, DC

The Semiconductor Education and
Workforce Development Convening

The semiconductor workforce education ecosystem consists of three distinct education pathways; 1) obtaining a certificate or associate degree at community college and direct entry into semiconductor workforce, 2) initial education at community college followed by transfer to university semiconductor engineering education program, and 3) direct entrance into a semiconductor engineering or semiconductor supporting (Material Science, Physics, Chemistry, etc.) education program followed by entrance into semiconductor workforce or graduate school. Each education path has unique obstacles for student recruitment, curriculum, incentives, infrastructure, faculty professional development, and industry job recruitment.


The Semiconductor Education and Workforce Development Convening on November 13, 2023 in the metro Washington, DC area which will provide K-12, government, higher education, non-profit, philanthropic, and industry constituents the opportunity to:

  • Develop action items in the evolution of semiconductor workforce education.
  • Develop student recruitment strategies aimed at increasing the number of students in semiconductor workforce education programs, with an aim on expanding participation of underrepresented groups.
  • Develop student incentive programs to expand enrollment in semiconductor-relevant programs at community colleges and promote semiconductor career pathways.
  • Develop faculty professional development and recruitment strategies.
  • Develop integrated infrastructure initiatives to create a cohesive semiconductor education ecosystem that support K-12, community college, and university education pathways.
  • Develop industry partnerships to promote entrance into the semiconductor workforce.
  • Develop strategies to increase student awareness, such that every STEM student is aware of the semiconductor industry and employment opportunities within it
  • Develop future funding programs for NSF

In particular, to achieve these goals NSF and MNT-EC, with a focus on community college, will partner with American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition (ASIC), with a focus on university programs, to promote the participation of high-level semiconductor industry representatives from semiconductor manufacturers, semiconductor equipment companies, IC design companies, and semiconductor packaging organizations to ensure substantive engagement and follow-on participation. ASIC includes more than 200 organizations including 150+ semiconductor ecosystem companies.

About MNT-EC

The Micro Nano Technology Education Center was founded on the idea that working together to accomplish a greater goal will enhance the quality of education for our students who then become higher quality technicians for our industry.