The MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows internship program is a future activity of the MNT-EC in partnership with Mentor-Connect. The MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows initiative will prepare interested co-mentors to help New-to-ATE college faculty learn to develop competitive ATE grant proposals and grow as leaders. The MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows internship facilitates the involvement of more members of the ATE Community, promotes an infusion of new ideas, and engages new talent in this important work. Those selected as MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows will have experience working within the NSF ATE community of centers and projects along with expertise in the subject matter of micro and nanotechnology.


  • All applicants shall be involved with the NSF ATE MNT-EC.
  • Commitment: Participation in Mentor shadowing, Mentoring meetings, technical assistance webinars, and familiarity with the NSF ATE proposal solicitation and components of the PAPPG.
  • Internship Duration: nine to twelve months for approximately 20-25 hours

Request for Application of Interest: MNT-EC Co-Mentor Fellows