This Week in Small: 2024 Is Gonna Be Lit

Sometimes, the young people have all the best sayings… 😉

First, Dr. Ashcroft’s next Director’s Message post is about Student Recruitment. If you want that hot off the press, or want to talk to him before it publishes next week, you can find him on LinkedIn or via his short bio here. Last month’s was on Building Robust Collaboration At Community Colleges (which over 100 of you read and/or contacted him about the discussion — #justsayin).

We are grateful for your support and that many of you are following MNT-EC on LinkedIn. We post some unique content over on LinkedIn that you won’t find here on site, so give us a try this year!

In the monthly email update, we mentioned our Wingspans partnership and their new story about James Endl. Our Think Small post, “James Endl’s Journey in Vehicle Network Innovation,” briefly summarizes the more detailed post. Wingspans helps prospective students explore a wide variety of careers with well-told stories, direct from a fellow students. We can’t wait to keep reading more of these great stories.

If you are tied into any aspect of student internships, please get in touch with Billie or Jenn to share.

Last item — we’re curating news from around the Nano World (mostly the U.S., but open to international, of course). We’ll be sharing these via a monthly email and by social channels, giving shoutouts when we can. If you have posts or publications or podcasts you love, please feel free to email me here or on LinkedIn.