Looking to add nanotechnology curriculum to your classes? Introducing MNT-EC’s Intro to Nanotechnology course! Modules include scale, material properties, scanning electron and atomic force microscopy, bottom-up synthesis, and top-down nanofabrication.

This course is designed to be used in two ways:

  1. The course can be imported as a plug-and-play complete Introduction to Nanotechnology course.
  2. Each module can be used individually to supplement an existing course. Modules include:

The easiest way to access this content is through Canvas Commons. If you have a Canvas account, follow the instructions here (this is the Instructure/Canvas FAQ page) to import the MNT-EC Intro to Nanotechnology course into your own Canvas shell. In the Canvas Commons search bar, type “MNT-EC Intro to Nano” and select the course with the image shown below.

Intro to Nano Canvas Course logo

Don’t have access to Canvas? If you use Blackboard, you can import the Canvas shell by downloading the 203MB file linked below that we mention for advanced users. Here are the instructions from Blackboard to complete the import.

If you use a different LMS like D2L Brightspace or Moodle, or are having issues importing content, reach out to Cait Cramer at cait@micronanoeducation.org to learn different strategies for importing a Canvas course export into other LMS platforms (D2L Brightspace, Moodle).

For Advanced Users: You may download the full 203MB Canvas file here.