Re-taping of Business Indystry Leadership Team (BILT) Session 1

Indian Hills Community College 525 Grandview Ave, Ottumwa, IA

The Business & Industry Leadership Team Model (BILT) is an employer high-engagement model for college programs, projects, and grants that originated with the NSF National Convergence Technology Center (DUE 1700530) in the early 2000s. The model is widely used to deepen employer involvement in educational programs producing such benefits as curriculum better-aligned to meet employer […]

The Power to Change the World


There are 103 Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) in the United Stated. HBCU’s have existed for for over 200 years and deliver over 27% of the STEM graduates while educating only 10% of the African Americans in higher education in the US. This is an exciting opportunity to leverage the expertise, innovation, entrepreneurialism and […]

Like Driving a Car: Acquiring Quality SEM/FESEM Images in Different Situations


Getting good SEM/FESEM images is dependent on both the sample conditions (conductivity, bulk vs. thin film, etc) and the instrument’s imaging parameters (e.g., beam voltage, beam current, working distance, detector, etc). Over the course of training and interacting with hundreds of different FESEM users Dr. Liu has observed the most important things a new user […]

The CHIPS Act Has Passed: Now What?


Funding for the CHIPS Act has been signed into law, providing tremendous opportunities for semiconductor industry organizations to expand production in the U.S. Although additional guidance from the Departments of Defense and Commerce is required around the specific application form and process, it’s critical for organizations to understand the programs, if their organization qualifies, and […]

Zoom in on Microscopy: NanoEducators Quarterly Forum Sept meeting


Zoom in on microscopy and its connections to chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering using hands-on virtual research tools! This session will offer an overview about nanoscience and how microscopy tools such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM) can be brought directly into your classes remotely. Dr. Zac Gray of the NSF-supported Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Network will […]

High Throughput Automation of Synthetic DNA and RNA on Nanostructured Ceramic Films


Fully synthetic oligonucleotides are critical in nearly all disciplines of modern biology and precision medicine. Synthetic Biology, cell-free DNA (cfDNA) diagnostics, mRNA vaccines, interference RNA cancer therapeutics, self-amplifying saRNA. Access to abundant, high quality synthetic DNA and RNA at gram scales overnight could be a game changer for the future of healthcare and personalized medicine […]

Standalone stretchable device platform for human health monitoring


Speaker: Dr. Huanyu Cheng Date: November 16, 2022 at 1 pm ET Abstract: Conventional electronics today form on the planar surfaces of brittle wafer substrates and are not compatible with 3D deformable surfaces. As a result, stretchable electronic devices have been developed for continuous health monitoring. Practical applications of the next-generation stretchable electronics hinge on […]

Use A Scanning Electron Microscope: NanoEducators Quarterly Forum _NOV


Zooming in over Zoom! Learn how to use a scanning electron microscope remotely from your classroom’s computer Description: In the last NanoEducators forum, participants had the opportunity to zoom in on microscopy and its connections to chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering using hands-on virtual research tools. The first session of this series offered an overview […]

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